Candies with benefits!


Sugar free

Sugar Free, as the name suggests, are made without the addition of sugars. We use sweeteners instead of sugar to manufacture these delicious products. Recognizable by the blue thumb.

No sugar added

Our products that contain exclusively natural sugars, as opposed to added sugars. During the production process we use sweeteners to create these delicious products. They are recognized by the green thumb.


Suited for vegetarians, our products labelled as veggie are made without ingredients from animal origin. You will recognize them by the light green thumb.

Less calories

Our less calories lifestyle suits those that seek for a responsible but delicious indulgent moment. Of course it is better to eat an orange, but with our products you’ll now be able to enjoy candy suited to your less calories lifestyle as well. Represented by a pink thumb.

    Lifestyle candy

    De Bron Sugarfree went through a total rebranding. From now on we will be called: de Bron Lifestyle Candy! Instead of exclusively offering sugar free products, we will now be offering candy suited to a wide range of different lifestyles.

    Why stop enjoying candy because of your lifestyle? From this point on, you can enjoy both. Besides candy aimed at lifestyles regarding health issues such as; lactose-free, gluten free or sugar free, we will now be adding products with added benefits. For example: candy before, during or after a work-out.

    In short: de Bron Lifestyle Candy; we have something delicious for every lifestyle.


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